Sunday, December 19, 2010

"There It Is" Los Angeles January 8

Three person show with Brett Amory, Adam Caldwell, and Seth Armstrong. January 8-29 @ Thinkspace Gallery, 6009 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA.
All three of the artists reside in Oakland, CA, and all three kick ass.
Opening reception on January 8th, 7-10 pm.

Friday, November 26, 2010

111 @ 111 - Thursday, Dec. 2

DECEMBER 2, 2010 – JANUARY 30, 2011

111 Minna Gallery would like to invite you to our massive year end group show, celebrating 111 of our very talented friends, family members and artist favorites. Each artist will have 1 single contributing piece to the show, collectively making it an eclectic, interesting and fun group show.

Please join us for this, sure to be epic, opening reception!

111 proudly presents (in no particular order):

Kelly Tunstall, Jesse Pollock, Robert Bowen, Bill Dunlap, Jeremy Fish, Alex Pardee, Chris Brennan, Mike Giant, Nate Van Dyke, Audrey Erickson, Micah LeBraun, Bo Heimlich, Tim Schafer, Mike Davis, Matt Furie, Pacolli, Marco Zamora, Jay Howell, Ruthie Swanson, Dave Mabry, Brian Gilbert, Mildred, Mario Wagner, Junko Mizuno, Jacob McGraw, John Wentz, Deth P. Sun, Jake Watling, Martin Ontiveros, Justin Lovato, Andrew McClintock, Ross Pope, Erin McCarty, Brett Amory, Ryan De La Hoz, Jason Jagel, Kinsey, Corey A, Seth Armstrong, Stacey Rozich, Jason Adams, Michael Beinhorn, Ferris Plock, Mia Christopher, Mike Bertino, Aiyana Udesen, Alex Chiu, David Cook, Ryan Coffey, Sean Brimer, Yoni Matayaou, Mike Steffan, Kelly Nicolaisen, Jesse Gidcumb, Isabel Samaras, Hayden Menzies, Russ Pope, Kyle Field, Jeremy Tinder, Arlo Jamrog, John Casey, Ernest Doty, Frank Carter, Rob Reger, Ben Tour, Tracy Timmins, Brian, Dave Correia, Connor Williumsen, Brad K Alder, Andreas Trolf, Rob Williamson, Skinner ,Cody Cochrane,Heather Gabel, Gabe Castellanos, Michael Slack, Brooke Candy, Pakayla Biehn, Mark Mulrony, Annie Galvin, Adam Avilla, Johnny Bonnell, Adam 5100, Matt Crookshank, Taylor Wessling, Darryl Peirce, Charmaine Olivia, Emilly Scannell, Todd Noble Holloway, Jesse Balmer, Gina Contreras, Seth Neefus, Jennybird, David Torch, Josh Yule, Zack Schlemmer, Scott Greenwalt, Parskid, Greg Speck, Ben Johston, David Fallis, Sergio Navarro-Duran, Ian Mullen, George Webber, Mark Todd, Jason Yim, Jason Cruz, Winston Smith, Jessica Trippe, Rogelio Martinez, Dennis McNulty, Michael Steffen, Leslie Winchester, Sergio Navarro-Duran, Llewellyn Bryan Dawson, Dennis McNulty, Bram de Martelaere.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Till Death Do Us Part - Gallery Heist One Year Anniversary Show

Gallery Heist One Year Anniversary Group Exhibition


Opening Reception - Saturday November 13, 2010 7-11PM

Gallery Heist is pleased to announce the opening for its One Year Anniversary Show, “Till Death Do Us Part” a group exhibition celebrating a year of work since the gallery’s inception. The opening will be held on Saturday, November 13, 2010 from 7-11pm. The exhibition will be located at the Gallery Heist Annex at 1036 Hyde Street. A new venue specific to the anniversary show.

The anniversary show will present the work of emerging and established contemporary figures from the Bay Area, as well as artists hailing from New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and Melbourne. Along with paintings, photographs, mixed media works, and video, the show will include an installation by Ryan de la Hoz and a performance piece by Adam Rozan (of the Oakland Museum), as well as musical performances by Mark Aubert and TM. Guest curators Allison and Garrison Buxton, of AdHoc gallery in NYC, will be co-curating and co-hosting the exhibition.Featured artists include; Brett Amory, Adam Caldwell, Seth Armstrong, Mario Wagner, David Choong Lee, Oliver Vernon, Sean Desmond, Mike Giant, Mike Kershner, Gaia, Adam Flores, Justin Lavato, Ryan De La Hoz, Henry Gunderson, Mario Ayala, Roman Koval, Adam Rozan, Maja Ruznic, Ludo, Doodles, Helen Bayly, Miso, Daryll Peirce, Debra Yoon, Allison Buxton, Garrison Buxton, Ezra Li Eismont and Bunnie Reise. These artists have come to represent what is and will continue to be the ethos of Gallery Heist.

The main location of Gallery Heist, at 679 Geary Street will feature an installation that will provide an opportunity for viewers to observe the obscured process of curating and running an art gallery.

Mural at YBCA "by" Ulla von Brandenburg

Painted a mural for Yerba Buenca Center for the Art's "Audience As Subject: Part 1". The image was conceived by the artist Ulla von Brandenburg. On view Oct. 30, 2010 through Feb. 6, 2011.

The magic touch of Kyle Moch

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trip Magazine, Brazil

O realista.
Seth Armstrong, que assina as obras que acompanham as colunas desta edição fala com a Trip.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Painting of the Notorious B.I.G. for Jay Z

Stage shot at Comerica Stadium, Detroit, Sept. 3
This is a painting done for Jay Z's concerts in Detroit and New York in September. Based on the cover art for Biggie's "Duets" album.

The final painting. 26" x 26", mixed media

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wolf House Painting

Just finished and installed this giant painting for the Wolf House in Truckee.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Well There You Are" Photos

Check out the opening night photos for "Well There You Are" at Thinkspace in LA here . Keep an eye out for the new work on my website.

Check out the opening night photos for "Well There You Are" at Thinkspace in LA here . Keep an eye out for the new work on my website.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Upcomming Show in Los Angeles This August

"Not the Desert", Oil on paper on wood, 24" x 44"

"Well There You Are"
Solo exhibition at Thinkspace Gallery's project room in Culver City, CA
August 7-28

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

111 MINNA GALLERY presents


New Works by Christopher Russell and Seth Armstrong
March 4- March 27, 2010; Opening Reception Thurs, March 4th, 5pm-late

San Francisco— 111 Minna Gallery is proud to present "Fort Big Mountain", an exhibition showcasing new works by Oakland, CA painters Christopher Russell and Seth Armstrong. The gallery will be hosting an ARTIST-ATTENDED opening reception on Thursday, March 4, 2010, 5pm-late.

The opening is free and open to members of the public 21 and over. The exhibition will run from March 4-27, 2010. The exhibition has been curated by for the 111 Minna Gallery by Curator Gabe Scott with assistance from 111 Minna Gallery Curator Jay Howell.


Through his paintings, Christopher Russell explores his personal perceptions and connections with the natural world by 'painting outside from within'. Russell's images of nature communicate his reverence for nature, a 'reverence tempered by notions of disconnection and disillusionment'. His landscapes are based both on his physical experiences as well as an alternate narrative based on fantasy and imagination. The fantasy is incorporated as an exaggeration of a real experience, allowing Russell to invent a new landscape that is based on the idea or experience of a place rather than sit in front of it in order to capture its essence. Christopher was raised in Boulder, CO, attended the California College of the Arts and is based in Oakland, CA.

Seth Armstrong, another former CCA student displays a compulsion to juxtapose hyper-realistic re-creations of his surroundings with various fantastical segments of his imagination. The resulting narratives contain elements of drama, mystery and humor that "accentuate the theatrical and fictitious characteristics believed to be apparent in everyday life". He feels that "the actions of the subjects and the circumstances of their environments are often vague, only hinting at the events that are inherently taking place". Seth was raised in Los Angeles and currently lives and works in Oakland, CA.